1. What is a Half Marathon D`Ouro Run Gondomar Tranquilidade?

The Half Marathon D`Ouro Run Gondomar Tranquilidade is a competitive athletics competition that includes a 21 km Half-Marathon, a 10-km Mini-Marathon and a 5-km Walk with playful features.

2. What is the route?

The Half Marathon 21km starts and ends on N108 - Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto 201 road,  part towards Foz de Sousa,return at Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro and follow again on the N108 road to Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto 201 until the finish line.

Mini Marathon 10 Km starts and ends on N108 - Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto 201 road, part towards Foz de Sousa, return at AV. Clube dos Caçadores before the bombs and returns by the same route until the finish line.

Walk 5 Km starts and ends on N108 - Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto 201 road , part towards Foz de Sousa,return at Av. José Domingues dos Santos and it follows the marginal one next to the douro to some extent making return by the national until the goal.

3. What is the distance the Half and the Mini Marathon D'Ouro Run Gondomar?

The Half Marathon is 21 km, while the Mini Marathon is about 10 km. 

4. If I participate in Half Marathon or Mini Marathon or Walk i will receive a medal?

Yes, in any of them  You will get a medal and a T-shirt.

5. Where can I register?

The registration can be made through the internet at or at the Portal, payment can be made by ATM (Multi-bank), Visa or cash at one of the following locations: EventSport - Rua da Bélgica No. 2340 4400-053 Vila Nova de Gaia.

6. After signing up, how should I proceed?

After your registration, you will receive a proof of registration in which you have the payment data to be made; 

7. What time start?

Both races, Half Marathon and Mini Marathon, start at 10:00 am and walk at 10:00 am. 

8. How to arrive?

Please see our location page. 

9. There is a time limit for completing the race? 

Yes, the time limit is 3 hours after the starting shot.

10. Can I obtain my dorsal on race day? 

Yes. They are delivered on race day only for those who live outside the region, but must notify the organization. 

11. Can I obtain friend's dorsal? 

Yes, you can  obtain a dorsal for another person, provided you present the original proof and present your identification document.

12. What is served during the race?

The water supplies are made every 5km.

13. Where can I see the results?

Official results are available at the end of the race.

14. There is a place to keep objects?

The cloakroom will operate between 8 am and 12 pm in the tent identified as a secretariat.

15. There are showers available?

After the race, you can take a shower at the Valbom Sports Complex at Largo Fonte Pedrinha 1330, Valbom, about 800 meters from the finish line. 

16. Do I get a chip in the Mini Marathon? 

You do not get a chip in the Mini Marathon because there is no time control in this race. 

17. There are any photographs?

Yes, if you participated in the Half-Marathon, Mini-Marathon, the team of official photographers of the race took you pictures in the match, along the route, in the goal and in the enclosure. The photos will be made available on the website and on the facebook of the same.

18. Can I get a certificate of participation? 

Yes, there is a certificate for participants in the Half Marathon, Mini-Marathon and Walk. For more information, visit

19. Perdi o meu comprovativo de inscrição, como posso levantar o meu kit de participação?

If you have registered online, the organization has the register of the transaction and its information. But you must present proof of confirmed registration.